Apzumi Spatial Partners with DigiLens ARGO™

Its goal is to enable Next-Generation Solutions for the Enterprise and Industrial Worker


June 10, 2024

Apzumi Spatial, the industry leader in augmented reality (AR) solutions, is teaming up with DigiLens, the enterprise, industrial, and military global leader in headworn AR hardware technology, to define the AR solutions ecosystem.

Poznan - June 11, 2024:

Apzumi Spatial, a leading global developer of AR and spatial computing solutions, and DigiLens Inc., the de facto industry standard in waveguide and materials technologies that is defining the future of headworn smartglasses, announce a partnership to deliver Apzumi Spatial, a cognitive computing platform that makes industrial processes more effective by utilizing AR and AI to improve training, maintenance, assembly, and quality control.

Apzumi Spatial provides a dedicated AR platform solution to frontline workers and equips them with step-by-step guidance workflows, remote support, and documentation access. These next-generation workers will be enabled to perform tasks and solve issues remotely with AR smartglasses like DigiLens ARGO™, the first purpose-built, standalone AR/XR smartglasses device designed for enterprise and lite-industrial markets.  

The integration of Apzumi Spatial and ARGO provides a straightforward and intuitive layout fully operated via ‘gaze click’ (or head movement). This showcases ARGO's advantages as true AR smartglasses, freeing the operator's hands so that they can perform work more efficiently and effectively, and most importantly, more safely.

“We are excited that there is finally an AR device in ARGO that can scale in manufacturing and understands the scope of the full solution to satisfy the industrial user at scale,” says Emilia-Mejza Möller, Business Development Director for Apzumi Spatial. “ARGO exceeds the expectations and requirements for industry and enterprise. The smartglasses rugged design – coupled with the industry-leading transparency in their waveguides — is essential for health and safety. ARGO is a game changer for adoption because of the high computing power and the speed of porting and developing applications. This pairing of ARGO with Apzumi Spatial creates a comprehensive solution to support and optimize maintenance work.” 
“For years, we have heard about the power of possibilities in AR/XR for the industrial, enterprise, military, and consumer markets. And now we are finally at the intersection where these emerging technologies will enable the next evolution of improvements in safety, security, training, and efficiency as a reality,” says Brian Hamilton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DigiLens. “ARGO working with Apzumi Spatial will increase the bottom line for industries and enterprise organizations across the globe.”

About Apzumi Spatial

Apzumi Spatial is a platform solution, consisting of functional modules, prepared for integration with production systems ERP, MES, etc. It digitalizes and optimizes production processes, i.e.: changeovers, breakdown repairs, acceptance, assemblies, and training. In the process of visualizing procedures and training, it uses Augmented Reality (XR) technology.  

Apzumi Spatial combines years of experience developing solutions for the industry with the expertise of a team of people from the industry. This allows the company to deliver high-level software services.  

‍Contact: Emilia Mejza-Möller | emilia.mejza@apzumi.com

About DigiLens Inc.

DigiLens is a leader in holographic waveguides used for XR displays. The company has developed a patented optical platform and photopolymer technology that delivers best-in-class solutions using a unique, low-cost contact-copy manufacturing process. DigiLens enables OEM partners to design and build XR-enabled devices for the global automobile, enterprise, consumer, avionics, and defense industries. Based in Sunnyvale, CA, DigiLens’ investors include industry leaders like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Diamond Edge Ventures, the strategic investment arm of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Alsop Louie Partners, Optimas Capital Management, 37 Interactive Entertainment, UDC Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Universal Display Corporation, Niantic, Inc., Sony Innovation Fund, Dolby Family Ventures, Continental AG, and more.

‍Contact: Brian Hamilton | Brian.Hamilton@DigiLens.com